Прием заявок на заказные торты:
+375 (29) 239-16-00 (Витебск), (212) 66-04-61
Прием заявок для юридических лиц:
+375 (212) 67-21-00,+375 (212) 63-08-32,
+375 (212) 66-95-41
В будние дни: с 8-00 до 17-00
Обед: с 12-00 до 13-00
Выходные: Суббота, Воскресенье


ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” - is a modern bakery enterprise producing a wide assortment of bakery and confectionary products. We also produce soft drinks, extruded bread and fruit wine.
ОJSC “Vitebskhlebprom” looks to the future with confidence, optimices its production. We are constantly expanding our with business partners and are always opened for a reasonable, beneficila cooperation.