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The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk,
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SPP “Projector”

SPP “Projector” brunch was created on the third of November 2005. Total land area is 5132 ha. Arable land is 2023 ha. Grasslands occupy 2620 ha. 146 people work here. SPP “Projector” is engaged in production of cattle meat, milk, grain, rapeseed, buckwheat, perennial grasses. There are 3 dairy farms in this farm and about 1 thousand and a half of cattle, 535 of which is a dairy herd.
Productivity of land made up 27,2 centner/ ha of crops and legumes. Total amount of crops is 4051 tons. There are 26 tractors in the farm, 5 of which are power tractors. Harvesting is carried out with the help of 9 harvesters of 2005- 2011 issue.